The Custom Builders Difference

We guide our clients through the construction process from conception to completion. We consistently provide the best client experience and an environmentally friendly process. Our goal is to minimize stress, form lasting relationships, and enhance the lives of home owners. No matter where you are in the process.

Here's what a few of our clints have to say about their experience with us:


Testimonial 1

Steve Magee and his team built our very unique custom home on 5 acres.  Steve managed every aspect of the entire project.  Steve's ability to design and execute the entire plan was absolutely flawless.  Steve's crew did it all, from carefully clearing the land, to the fine finish work inside our home.  We are so please to say, we did not have one issue or concern for the start.  not ONE.  Steve completed our home under budget, and ahead of schedule.  Were always very impressed withe Steve's honesty in every step of the process.  His teams show up on time, and when leaving the job site, everything was always clean and orderly.  This was a nice touch of class, the cleanliness of the site showed the concern for safey and professionalism.  We were always proud to show others our project through completion.  We are very impressed with Steve's relationships with the many subs he works with, plumbing, HVAC, sheet rockers, and electricians.  Everyone enjoys working with Steve and his team and always have good things to say about Steve's work.  We quickly grew to really appreciate Steve's honesty and communication skills early on.  Steve really made a great impression with our city, county municipalites on this project.  This project had many challenges, due to the size.  Steve always had every detail complete and submitted when requested by the county governing fathers, no easy task these days.  Permists, plans, reviews, and environmental issues all taken care as required.  He makes it look so easy.  We could not be more happy with the follow through and the quality of his workmanship.  This stands out to myself and others... Steve is a guy that works side by side his team, every day.  Steve just doesn't just show up and leave, he is there for everyone, and for every detail.  He puts on the nail belt and swings the hammer.  What a great example for all the crews.  We have used Steve's team for other projects as well, large and small.  Complex water main projects with meter movements and all the details encountered with the county, city and road departments.  Steve completed these projects flawlessly as well, while keeping our tenants happy through the entire process.  Once more completed these major projects on time and on budget, with quality workmanship.  Steve's skill set is one i Know our firm would not want to try and replace.  We will continue to make Steve our 1st call for projects in the future.  We very much value this relationship.  Steve your work is meticulous, thank you.


Testimonial 2

We had a great experience with Steve and his crew.  We needed a very large old deck removed and a new one built.  We did not want it to be the smae size or shape but weren't sure exactly what we were looking for.  Steve came out and took measurements and talked with us at length about our options and what we wanted.  He took that infomation and drew up some plans that we liked very much.  Very soon after that his crew was on the job.  The old deck was removed and hauled away like it had never been there.  Over the next week the new deck was installed and finished.  The craftsmanship is top notch.  We could not be happier.  Its just a little bonus that they did it for a great price too!  We will use Custom Builders in the future and recommend them highly.


Testimonial 3

Steve Magee of Custom Builders, INC is an excellent choice for your remodeling or new home construction project.  Two things set Custom Builders apart from the other contractors I often work with:  Accurate time schedules and Effective construction cost estimates.  This company knows how to write a schedule that is realistic from the beginning and follow the schedule to its timely finish.  This is too rare a skill in the home construction industry so you would make a good choice in Custom Builders.  Steve knows how to keep the job site in good order and keep the remodeling jobs safe and secure.  His crew is polite and has been trustworthy on my projects.  Custom Builders has executed small projects and larges custom homes and done them well.  Please feel welcome to call DePage Associates INC. Architecture with any questions you may have.  Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 206 367 1575 for answers to your direct questions.  We need more builders like Custom Builders INC, in this industry.

Testimonial 4

My wife and I are very pleased with Custom Builders INC.  Steve did a wonderful job for us.  I now have my dream garage, and a new covered deck where we enjoy our hot tub almost every night.  Even with the best plans, changes come up.  Steve Magee approaches changes in a professional and artistic way that only someone wit a lot of experience could do.


Steve Svensson


Jessica J

Everyone I know has a story about what a nightmare their remodel was. Not us. Custom Builders was absolutely a dream to deal with. They did an entire kitchen remodel, including moving an exterior wall, and bathroom remodel in about ten weeks. The project was exactly on budget and exactly on time. Not that you could ask for anything more from a contractor, but in addition to being on time and on budget, they also made a huge effort to make sure that the construction mess was well contained so that we could continue to live in the house during construction. These guys were great!

- Jessica J



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